Dex 50 (Dextrose 50% w/v)

This treatment applies to the following species:

  • Beef Cattle
  • Dairy Cattle
  • Horses
  • Sheep
  • Swine

Manufacturer: Rafter 8

Dextrose 50% Injectable Solution, Usp Sterile
DIN 02290723
Veterinary Use Only


Keep out of reach of children!

Active Ingredient

Dextrose monohydrate (USP), 50% w/v

Dex 50 Indications

As an aid in the treatment of glucose de!ciencies in cattle, horses, sheep and swine; acetonemia (ketosis) in cattle; and pregnancy disease in sheep.

Dex 50 Dosage And Administration

For intravenous or intraperitoneal administration in cattle, sheep and swine. When used by the intraperitoneal route, it is advisable to dilute solution to 5% with sterile water. For intravenous administration only in horses. Warm to body temperature before administration. Inject slowly.

  • Cattle and horses (454 kg): 250-500 mL
  • Sheep and swine (45 kg): 50-150 mL

Treatment may be repeated after a few hours, if required. If no improvement is noticed in the condition being treated after 2-3 days or less depending upon the severity of the condition, the diagnosis should be re-evaluated and a veterinarian consulted.

Dex 50 Caution

Use only if solution is clear. This product contains no preservative.


Store at 15-30°C. Keep from freezing. Protect from light. Discard any unused portion. Do not retain partly used bottle.

Net 500 mL